Alexander Pouros BSc (Hons)

HCPC Registered Podiatrist

Registered Osteopath

Alexander Pouros is a registered osteopath with a strong background in sports, health and fitness. As a principle osteopaths approach peoples pain complaints using a holistic method, assessing not only the area of discomfort but also taking into account other aspects that may be contributing to the injury or the continuation of pain; areas such as life style factors, ergonomic factors and the biomechanics of a person. This, combined with the in-depth 4 year degree training programme, allows Alex to assess a pain complaint in detail and provide comprehensive treatment plans to address not only the initial complaint, but also work to limit the likelihood of it recurring.

Since graduating with the College of Osteopaths in 2009 (validated by Middlesex University) he has gone on to train in ultrasound therapy, acupuncture and sports taping to provide a diverse approach to peoples pain complaints.

Alex has worked in various private practice settings combining over 5 years’ experience in osteopathy and 12 years’ experience in health and fitness to provide treatments for a wide range of musculoskeletal pain and complaints.

Alex has a special interest in:

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