Initial Injury Assessment

Health Solutions Kent - Injury Assessment

An initial assessment is required when you are presenting with a new injury or condition. It lasts for approximately 45 minutes and includes a full assessment of the injury presented, treatment for the affected area, rehabilitation exercises as required and help and advice on how to manage your complaint.

Health Solutions Kent - Injury Assessment

During the assessment, the therapist will take an in-depth history and will complete a series of necessary tests to help form a working diagnosis of your pain or injury.

It may be necessary for us to complete a postural assessment to evaluate whether biomechanical imbalances are influencing your pain, for example if you are experiencing pain in your hip, this may be coming from an imbalance in your foot. We would therefore ask you to dress comfortably for the assessment which may include wearing shorts and a t-shirt or bringing a change of clothes with you, so we can access you effectively and efficiently.

Health Solutions is a multidisciplinary team, which enables us to provide our patients with a wider range of expert professionals who specialise in a in musculoskeletal pain and complaints.

We may also liaise with other medical professionals, such as GP's and orthopaedic consultants so we may assist patients with necessary onward referrals.

Our Clinics in Broadstairs & Margate

Health Solutions now have two clinics; Thanet Wanderers RUFC in Broadstairs & Crossfit Thanet in Margate.

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