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Here at Health Solutions, we get asked a lot of questions about some common complaints so starting in January 2019 we are posting a wide range of resources in this library. You will find more content on our Blog on which you will see new posts at least every month.

Golf: The Most Dangerous Sport? - 04/03/2019

Golf might not look much like Premiership rugby - but golfers actually get injured more often than rugby players. Fact! 62% of amateurs and 85% of professionals will get a significant injury associated with playing golf. Plus as there are 60 million golfers of these ladies and men throughout the world - that is lots of injuries.

Feeling The Pinch? The Stubborn Shoulder Impingement Syndrome - 23/01/2019

Do you get a sharp, debilitating pain in your shoulder when you are performing tasks like brushing your hair, putting on certain clothes or showering? During these movements, where you raise your arm out to the side and then upwards over your head, do you alternate between no pain and pain?

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