Manual & Soft Tissue Therapy

Health Solutions Kent - Manual Therapy

As in the title, this is a hands on approach to treatment and is a specialised form of physical therapy. Many different techniques are used in manual therapy such as joint mobilisations, applied pressures to muscle tissues and joint manipulations to decrease pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

Mobilisation/ Manipulation

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This uses measured movements to twist, pull or push bones and joints into the correct position. They are applied with varied speed, fast or slow, and force, gentle or forceful, and can help to reduce pain in a joint or surrounding soft tissue, loosen tight tissues and alignment.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Health Solutions Kent - Soft Tissue Therapy

This focuses on the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons and fascia. These are often manipulated, stretched and deep pressures applied to achieve better range of movement, increased blood flow and increase fibre alignment. Some specialised techniques are listed below.

Your initial or postural assessment will determine if one or a combination of these modalities will be used for your specific treatment. This will depend on what type of injury you have sustained and your therapist will always explain everything in detail so you fully understand and know what to expect from your treatment.

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Health Solutions now have two clinics; Thanet Wanderers RUFC in Broadstairs & Crossfit Thanet in Margate.

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