Postural Assessments

Health Solutions Kent - Postural Assessments

Postural assessments can take between 45-60 minutes and will involve both assessment and treatment. Please ensure that you bring comfortable clothing including shorts and t-shirt (male) and shorts and vest top (female). This will enable us to view your full posture more comfortably.

Postural Assessment

Good posture requires good alignment of certain body parts to be maintained and many activities can affect this alignment such as a person's sport or occupation (habitual) or sometimes we can be born with a certain type of posture (congenital).

When we have good posture less stress is placed on surrounding structures such as discs, ligaments and muscles and this can dramatically decrease the risk of back pain.

Muscle imbalances (some muscles are stronger or weaker, longer or shorter than they should be), can greatly affect a person's posture. For example, an office worker that spends a lot of time at a desk can increase the curve in the upper back (thoracic spine) and therefore lengthening the upper back muscles and shortening the front chest muscles.

Health Solutions Kent - Postural Assessments

Poor posture can be a cause of general discomfort, joint restriction or musculoskeletal pain and it is the therapist's job to identify the postural faults and muscle imbalances that could be contributing to the complaint.

It is important to remember that we all have some imbalances or postural abnormalities, however not everyone will suffer with pain or discomfort. Simple core strengthening, stretching or maintenance exercises will help maintain good posture for a healthy spine and will help to keep these pain conditions at bay.

The therapists at Health solutions can provide patients with postural and biomechanical assessments to identify potential causes or possible areas that are contributing to your pain. You will then be provided with a detailed treatment plan that may consist of hands on physical therapy, exercise prescription and postural correction techniques that will help to improve your pain and manage any future symptoms.

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