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Health Solutions Kent - Strapping and Taping

At Health Solutions we provide a wide range of therapeutic and sports taping suited to your injury and rehabilitation needs.

Kinesio Taping:

This type of innovative taping has an array of therapeutic benefits and because of its breathable qualities can be left on for up to 5 days. During this time the tape can help accelerate the healing process from traumatic injuries, acute and chronic injuries and pain, and inflammatory conditions. This type of taping is usually used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities but can also be used on its own during the rehabilitation process.

How it Works (The science bit):

This taping method gently lifts the layer of skin and attached connective tissue covering an injured muscle so that blood and other fluids such as lymph, can move more freely in and around the injured areas.

With Tape Application

Health Solutions Kent - With Tape

Without Tape Application

Health Solutions Kent - Without Tape

Without KT there is pain and pressure on the receptors. Blood and Lymph is trapped under the skin. With KT the top layer of tape causes convolutions and lifts the skin. Pain and pressure is reduced. Blood and Lymph fluid is dispersed. (Kinesio UK)

Physiological Effects of Kinesio Taping:

Health Solutions Kent - Strapping and Taping
  • Relieves pain
  • Supports muscles in movement
  • Removes lymphatic fluid congestion
  • Corrects joint mis-alignment
  • Assists in positioning a muscle or joint into proper position for rehabilitation
  • Assists a weak muscle by placing it in a normal position
  • Improves kinesthetic awareness of posture and alignment

Zinc Oxide and EAB Taping

Strapping and taping techniques are widely used amongst many different therapists and can be essential to assist athletes in the prevention of injury or to protect them from re-injury whilst returning to their sport.

The main roles of this type of taping will be to restrict joint range, prevent excess or abnormal movement in an injured joint or body part and to support surrounding soft tissues such as muscles, which may be under added strain due to a joint injury. Some examples this form of taping may help:

  • Planter fasciitis
  • Ligament sprains
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Patella Femoral pain
  • AC joint Disruptions
  • Postural corrective taping

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A wide range of treatments including Injury Assessment, Sports Massage & Therapy, Manual & Soft Tissue Therapy, Strapping & Taping and Injury Rehab.

The Team

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Monique has a 1st Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Therapy. Alex is an osteopath with a strong background in sports, health and fitness.

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You can book your appointment online or if you would prefer to discuss your treatment with one of the team first, please call on 01843 867195.

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Our straight forward pricelist has a initial assessment costing £40 at our clinic which is open 5 days a week with flexible opening times to suit your schedule.

For more information about the services that we provide, please feel free to contact us on 01843 867195.

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